Aren't all Cleaning and power washing companies the same?

There are a lot of people who offer cleaning and power washing services, but be careful. Just because someone can turn a pressure washer on doesn't mean that he or she knows how to use it properly on different surfaces. Amateurs can permanently damage different surfaces on and around your home, often using equipment not right for the job. When you consider that many don't have any liability insurance, hiring amateurs  can be a risky business.

So why CleanWerx?

·         CleanWerx has fully trained, professional, uniformed staff that will show up on time ready to clean. We use practices that are fully compliant with safety and environmental standards.

·         CleanWerx is fully insured with liability insurance and WCB coverage to protect our employees and customers.

·         CleanWerx will always provide you with a written detailed estimate, and explain in detail exactly what you get for your investment.

·         CleanWerx uses only the best cleaning equipment available today, from our top-of -the-line Power washers to the biodegradeable cleaning agents used to protect the environment.

·         We take extra care that your property, plants, shrubs and other sensitive areas are not damaged during the cleaning.

·         CleanWerx  is a permanent long term business, so we take it seriously. We value our relationships with our clients. We enjoy building an ongoing relationship with them by providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the business.

Your Home or Business are your most valuable assets.

Trust them to the professionals at CleanWerx.