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To maintain the appearance of your home, and maintain the quality of your structures, periodic exterior cleaning is a must

The exterior surfaces of your home are constantly under attack by harmful elements.

These include:


Concrete, Brick, Stucco, Wood and Stone cleaning.
  • Constant damp weather that cause the ever-present green and black mold and mildew on the surfaces of their home, especially in Greater Vancouver.
  • UV rays, wind, rain, dirt, that  degrade, discolour, oxidize or chalk your surfaces over time.
  • Leaves and dirt that clog up your gutters and downspouts causing improper drainage from the envelope of your house.
  • Elements including industrial pollutants, exhaust fumes, acid rain, chimney soot, tree sap and insects all add to the gradual deterioration of your Home's external surfaces.

If left to build up, these conditions can cause the owner a great deal of expense getting the resulting repairs completed, such as roof replacement, re-painting, sanding, etc. Regular maintenance cleaning of those areas will result in less wear and tear, less repairs, and even in some cases, less health problems.

4Driveways and walkways

Remove the most stubborn stains including moss and algae build up.

CleanWerx can help.

When you hire CleanWerx, you get:

  • A detailed estimate customized for your job.
  • A professionally trained, uniformed cleaning crew that shows up ON TIME.
  • Full Liability and WCB Insurance
  • An on site supervisor in charge of quality control and customer satisfaction.
  • State of the Art Cleaning Equipment including Hotsy Pressure Washers.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
4Patios and Fences

Restore your patio or deck to its original look.
4Window Cleaning

There's nothing like looking through freshly cleaned glass.
4Gutter Cleaning

Insure that your gutters, and downspouts are working properly.